Saturday, December 1, 2018


Every October, artists across the globe participate in Inktober, a movement created by Jake Parker. You can read more about Inktober here, but to summarize, Inktober's goal is to get folks to create art every day during the month of October. Originally designed for ink drawings, people create art with a given theme, then post their results online with the hashtag #Inktober.

You may remember (or may have tried to forget) when I participated in a Halloween #Inktober in October 2018. I posted my drawings, made with my iPad and Apple pencil, on Instagram and Facebook as stories.

My original motivation was to make people laugh. I'm infamous for my so-called artusually quick and silly renderings of stick people and puffy animals. While my art remained silly, I found I actually looked forward to creating and posting my picture every day. When October ended, I missed the daily fun.

So I'm bringin' it back, with a nod to Mr. Parker. I have decided to create a month-long Christmas/Holiday/Winter themed daily art creation invitation called Designember. Wanna participate? Download a full rendering of the official image here, and have fun creating! Post your art online for all to see with the hashtag #Designember.

Merry Christmas!


Oh, wait, what? You wanted to see some of my #Inktober stuff? I'm not surprised. I'm pretty good. 😉



Field of Pumpkins

Black Cat

Decapitated Person

Severed Limb


An Eye

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