Sunday, December 31, 2017

Running The Numbers - 2017

Twin Caves Racing on August 20
The year 2017 was a very happy running year for me overall. I discovered trails, found peace and happiness with running in general, PR'd in the mile, and had my highest volume ever. The obvious and gigantic negative in 2017 was Wendy's struggle with injury and illness. However, she is on the better side of a grisly surgery that will help her be able to do what she wants with her body again.

As you may remember, I am scrapping time and distance goals in 2018 and have a single goal/aim/mantra: RUN HAPPY . The fine print in that goal includes running when I want, how far I want, and how fast I want. It'll include tons of friends, trails, fun, and listening to my body so I know when it needs a break.

Nonetheless, you know I will still maintain my data, because I loves me some numbers. Here is my numerical analysis of 2017. I especially love my monthly mileage. :-)

Running The 2017 Numbers
Data collection and analysis is a hobby of mine. Therefore, I looooooove the end of the calendar year, because it provides a great opportunity for me to analyze what I've collected.

Cold run with Becky on February 4
Miles Run: 1,582.00 (avg. 30.34 mi. per week)
Increase Over Previous Annual Mileage High: 1,170.00 mi., 35.21% increase
Runs: 225 (60 more than 2016)
Hours Run: 250.62 (10.44 days, or 2.86% of 2017)
Average Run Distance: 7.03 mi.
Average Run Pace: 9:30.30 min/mi.
Average Run Duration: 1:06:49.9 hr.
Average Temperature During Runs: 50.20°F
Temperature Range: 85°F (High 83°F, July 22; low -2°F, January 7)
Track workout with Wendy on April 30
Feet Climbed: 76,928 (14.57 mi.)
Average Feet Climbed Per Mile: 48.63, 0.92% grade
MaeBe's Run Mileage: 55.62
Miles Walked: 58
Walks: 39
Average Walk Distance: 1.49 mi.
Strength Training Sessions at Novus: 50
Cross Training Miles: 0 (oops)
Races Run: 14 (9 AG awards or T10s)
PRs Set: 1, 6:51 in the mile on my 38th birthday, June 1
DNFs: 1, Seymour Half Marathon, May 20
Falls: 2, December 2 and December 29
Trail race in Kentucky on November 19
Injuries: 0
Toenails Lost: 7
Surgeries: 0
Pairs of Shoes Retired: 5
Pairs of Shoes Purchased: 5
States Where I Ran: 2, Indiana and Kentucky
Pictures Drawn: 4: pi on March 14, crosses on April 16, 2017 on May 26, and a tree on December 25
Longest Run: 14.04 mi., September 30
Shortest Run: 1.01 mi., July 10
Week With Most Running: July 23-29, 41.70 mi.
Month With Most Running: August, 156.00 mi.
Month With Least Running: September and November, each 110.00 mi.
Favorite Run: October 28, 12.62 mi. (Tecumseh... friends and beautiful fall scenery.)
Least Favorite Run: September 23, 8.52 mi. (High humidity, improper fueling, picked up on Electric Avenue by Mom)
Percentage of Goals Reached: 100% (7/7, see below)
Weight Range in Pounds: 15.0 (two Crohn's flares)
Total Lifetime Mileage: 7,970.00
Percent of Lifetime Mileage Run in 2017: 19.85%

Mileage By The Month
I did that weird number thing and made sure my monthly mileage totals were all whole numbers. It's very satisfying for me to see all that point-0-0! Also, including December 2016, I have a 13-month streak of 100+ miles per month. That will likely end this year as I intend to remove "mileage pressures."

Cool photo shoot with
In The Dark Photography, June 12
January: 116.00
February: 112.00
March: 132.00
April: 116.00
May: 133.00
June: 146.00
July: 155.00
August: 156.00
September: 110.00
October: 146.00
November: 110.00
December: 150.00

Jo's 2017 Fitness Goals
1. Remain injury-free.
Check. I had some nagging stuff like sore post-tibs, an achy toe joint, and a good bruise from a fall to the knee. However, I took breaks when I needed and avoided the major stuff.
2. Run lots of miles with lots of friends.
Total success here. I ran with more folks than I've ever run, and even made some new friends!
3. Run 1,200 annual miles.
Mitch, Eric, and Ryan on March 25
Nailed it, plus 382. I had an unspoken secondary goal to get 100 or more miles per month, and I did that, too.
4. Run on dates I haven't run at least a mile outdoors (2018 extension allowed).
Did it! Didn't need the 2018 extension!
5. Work on the committee to stage the BMS 5K.
6. Encourage another person or people to become more focused on fitness.
Another success. I helped my friend Mitch and some of his friends, Eric and Ryan, train for their first half marathon which they ran in April. (I had to miss it because I was in the hospital with one of those Crohn's issues.) All three of them have continued running, setting goals, and kicking butt.
7. Build more muscle.
Succeeded. Thanks, Novus!

It was a really great year for my running. Thanks to everyone for the support! On to 2018!