Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Summer That Was 2014

Summer is an interesting time for me, because I suddenly find myself without a job. Many people would consider that situation awesome, but it's not for me. I became a teacher because I like to interact with middle school students. I dearly miss my students when I have to "give them up" in May. I spend the summer counting the days until school starts.

However, not one to wish away a period of time, I always try to make the most of the 10 or so weeks that I am "unemployed." This year, my corporation's summer break lasted 67 days for teachers.  Here are some of the cool bits that went down during Summer Break 2014.

Boot Camp
I joined an 18-session boot camp with my trainer, Sam, at Anytime Fitness. Though I got a total body workout, Sam and I focused on my core, hamstrings, and glutes—the muscles that needed the most attention in order to make me a better runner. I can actually feel the strength Sam has given me.

Every summer, I try to learn something completely new. This summer, Ed, Mom, Dad, and I took bridge lessons.  I know that a card game doesn't sound like momentous learning, but this bridge stuff is super involved. We have had four two-hour sessions, and we still aren't done learning. The game is growing on me with each class.

Headlamp Trail Run - Wendy's Bday
Milwaukee Trail
I've run this topic into the ground, but really, what a great thing that trail is. The temps are cool, the scenery is great, the folks are friendly. I spent a lot of time on that trail with Wendy and other friends this summer.

Surgery/Vocal Therapy
I had surgery to repair a damaged vocal cord and completed the subsequent therapy at the IU School of Music. Believe it or not, the therapy was a lot of work. I had to strengthen all the laryngeal muscles and retrain my cords to speak and sing properly. What a great feeling it was to get back the voice that I didn't appreciate until I lost it.

No Speaking
This item is similar to the note above, but really, not making a sound (except for that Chicken Fat incident), was a pretty significant thing for me. It's the longest I've gone in my life without vocalizing.

No Grooming
I've also broken a personal "no makeup" record (as an adult). All 67 days of summer were makeup and flatiron free. I loved it.

Using the Ginger Threads Longarm
Jelly Roll Quilt
I made a jelly roll quilt in less than a week using the longarm and techniques learned from Jessica at Ginger Threads. I gave the quilt to Mamaw, and she loves it. That was fun.

Fun Events
There were a lot of other little events that are worth mentioning, like our fireworks, the Monumental Mile, golf tournaments, trips to French Lick/West Baden, sitting on the porch with Ed, running the Red Eye Relay with the Zoooomin' Cabbits, taking walks with Ed, working in my classroom at a leisurely pace, etc.

The accomplishment about which I'm most proud this summer is my running mileage. 300. Did you hear that? THREE HUNDRED MILES. I ran three hundred miles this summer. That wasn't a goal when summer began; it just happened. To have run that many miles and still have pain-free legs is a first for me. I know I owe a lot of those miles to the Milwaukee Trail's soft surface. I'm very proud of that statistic because it shows that my training, including my work with Sam, is producing positive results. Here are my summer stats, which include 67 days: June 1-August 6:

Miles Run: 300.35
Runs: 40
Hours Run: 48:27:56
Average Run Distance: 7.51 mi.
Average Run Pace: 9:40.91
Average Run Duration: 1:15:41.9
Average Temperature: 66.0°F
Trips To Gym: 18
2014 Mileage: 670.06
Total Lifetime Mileage: 3,622.80

What a great summer it has been! As wonderful as it was, I'm thrilled to be headed back to school tomorrow, and to meet my new students who will come on Friday. Here's to a great 2014-2015!

Go, Cutters!

I don't think I ever posted July stats. Here they are:

Miles Run: 137.60
Runs: 17
Hours Run: 21:51:18.5
Average Run Distance: 8.09 mi.
Average Run Pace: 9:31.79
Average Run Duration: 1:17:08.15
Average Temperature: 63.6°F
Longest Run: 16.11 mi., one, two, three legs at Red Eye Relay on July 19-20
Shortest Run: 2.50, July 29
Favorite Run: July 19-20, one, two, three Red Eye Runs
Trips To Gym: 12

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