Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm a blogger. I'm blogging. I BLOG.

Hi.  I'm Jo.  I never felt it necessary to have a blog because I had my own nifty web site,  It served me well from 2005 to 2010ish.  However, Facebook found its way into my life in late 2008, and it became my main avenue for life-sharing by 2010.  ( is still there, but only for archival purposes.)  Recently, I've wanted to share more than a few-sentence status update, and a blog lends itself well to that need.

I would like to treat this blog less as a means for public sharing and more as a memory book for myself.  That outlook will help me be more diligent in writing, I think.  I already keep a simple handwritten diary (for 10 years, now), where I list what I did that day, what the weather was like, and any major (or minor), events.  This outlet will allow me to expound on events and share pictures or videos. 

The main focus of my blog will be running.  I run.  I run a lot.  I like to talk about running.  Sometimes, I talk so much about running that people quit wanting to listen.  With this blog, I can (maybe) get it out of my system, and all my talk will be here, buffet style, for those who want to dig in.  I'm blessed to have lots of fun in my life, and I know those people/things will find their way into this blog, too.

Oh, what's the deal with the blog title, you ask?  Well, have you ever seen What About Bob? :-)

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